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The Lost Boys (1987) - Joel Schumacher

The Lost Boys is the quintessential eighty's horror movie. It has everything from a bad-ass soundtrack to starring the legendary Corey's; even the saxophone guy in the beginning is pretty bad-ass. The movie is a traditional Halloween time horror movie, it has comedy and suspense. I remember the first time I saw this movie I was completely enamored by it, I wanted to be a frog brother so bad, workin' in a comic book store and killin' shit-sucking vampires!

The movie is about two brothers that move to the fictional town of Santa Carla, California. They end up fighting vampires. Vampires ruled by your standard vampire lore: you have to invite them inside your home before they can come in, you can fight them with holy water, and you can kill them with a stake to the heart, however if you kill the head vampire the vampire's he/she's sired turn back into regular people. They also control the wind...and plumbing for some reason (i.e. When one of the vampires dies the …