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Carrie (1976) - Brian De Palma

Carrie was not at all scary in the way a horror movie is usually scary. I felt incredibly sorry for Carrie the entire film; constantly getting picked on and having to deal with her ultra-religious-to-the-point-of-insanity mother. She is so happy when she finally gets asked to go to the prom, and things start to look up, then... well... we all know what happens. If you don't know what happens I am going to spoil the movie for you a bit further into the review. You can continue to read on or you can just come back tomorrow when I have the final movie up for the 31 movies of Halloween.

I chose Carrie to be the lead up to my final movie because what I've heard about it has always sparked my interest, but I had never seen it before. I feel that the movie has a certain relevancy today with the bullying epidemic that seems to be going on in our society; especially at the High School level. Also I am a huge fan of Brian De Palma movies (Scarface, The Phantom of the Paradise, Carlito&#…