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Eyes Without a Face (1960) - Georges Franju

A beautiful French film that brings a certain gore and fright to the mainstream that hadn't been there before. The director might not have intended to make a horror movie. But dammit if this movie isn't horrific. I wasn't familiar with this title before picking it up. But, I was really happy to discover it. It's a chilling movie that comes complete with a terrifying atmosphere and creepy tone. 
Docteur Génessier is a surgeon with a disfigured daughter, Christiane. He feels very remorseful for her condition, since he was the one that caused it. Now he and his wife are going to stop at nothing to make their daughter beautiful again. This means abducting young women and taking them back to their house. Then drugging the women and cutting their faces off. It's quite brutal.
Eyes Without a Face is interesting from beginning to end. Franju did an amazing job of making this movie unique. It may take a few moments to get started. But, once the movie is moving it cannot be…