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Rawhead Rex (1986) - George Pavlou

Rawhead Rex was a surprisingly good feature that was written by Clive Barker and he rarely disappoints. I am a big fan of just about everything the guy dreams up. Rawhead is definitely different than his other ventures. At first I thought it was going to be a mindless slasher. But much to my surprise it's much more than that.
The film takes an interesting religious approach. Rawhead is a giant, brutish, pegan barbarian/demon that loves nothing more than to rip humans apart piece by piece. This destruction led to him being worshiped as an old god. However, when Christianity came around Rawhead was imprisoned underground under a giant obelisk. 
The film takes place in Ireland where Rawhead had previously ruled. After the protective obelisk is removed the unstoppable demon is released and Rawhead begins a new destructive reign. 
The film isn't amazing. I wasn't thrilled with the make up, and it's obvious to see what Clive Barker himself didn't like about the film. But…