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You're Next (2011) - Adam Wingard

You're Next is a surprisingly good slasher paired with a good deal of dark comedy. The cast is made up of actors that seem vaguely familiar. I had seen the movie once before and hated it. I didn't like the twist and I thought it was too short. But this viewing was different. I actually appreciated it on this go around and found things that I liked.

A family gets together to celebrate a wedding anniversary at a secluded location. Everyone brings their significant others. Everything starts out pretty well. Then the human hunters in animal masks show up and start slashing everyone's throats. It's a good thing one of the guests knows how to kick some major ass. 
This movie was actually pretty great. Adam Wingard did a great job with a home invasion movie that has an original plot. The subtle humor and realistic approach made the movie palatable. The acting helped a lot, as did the gore. The killers were really cool. I love the static mask thing. This movie featured animal…