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Session 9 (2001) - Brad Anderson

Session 9 is a psychological horror movie that stars the weird looking guy from CSI, David Caruso and a ragtag group of actors that are nearly forgettable. Aside from Peter Mullan. He rocks. This confusing feature was made in 2001 and, according to the director, made specifically to be shot in the Danvers State Hospital. He had written the movie with the hopes of being able to shoot there. Needless to say, most of this movie takes place in the Hospital itself. 
The movie is about a group of Asbestos removers that take on the rough task of removing two weeks worth of Asbestos in one week. The lead character, Gordon, seems to be going through a really tough patch mentally and needs this job to work out. One thing leads to another and eventually the creepy nature of the Hospital shines though haunting the group and making waves. 
Each member of the group seems to have their own thing going on. However, the subplots do nothing but confuse the already thin story-line. Hank, the kooky, reb…