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The Deadly Spawn (1983) - Douglas McKeown

The Deadly Spawn is one of those giant alien monster movies that TerrorVision was so good at making fun of. It's cheap, it's confusing and it's full of gore. Unfortunately, it has good effects that suffer from underfunding. Much like 90% of everything horror that was put to celluloid during this era. It's just a part of the eighties. Bad movies that became cult classics. 
A meteorite crash lands on earth. Attached are man-eating alien parasites, that make their way to a nearby house on the outskirts of some town. They hide in the basement, growing larger and eventually maturing into a full blown giant monster. This thing brings chaos with it. Everyone is attacked by these arm-length worm like creatures with giant teeth. They even attack some random meeting of like eight old ladies just trying to enjoy tea. It's bloody. A woman has her face ripped off, people are devoured whole and the old women being bitten to shit by these things are just a few examples of the vio…