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Son of Frankenstein (1939) - Rowland V. Lee

Son of Frankenstein is the inevitable return of one of the icons of horror. I couldn't tell you if anyone was seriously waiting for this one. They have filled the thing with heavyweight horror actors like Bela Lugosi, Basil Rathbone, Lionel Atwill, Dwight Frye and of course; Boris Karloff. This movie is so heavy on the acting side that it begins to collapse in on itself and actually takes away from other aspects of the film. It feels off...
This could have possibly been the greatest Frankenstein movie of all time; however, the plot does away with everything that the Monster learned in the previous film and pisses away all of the  character and story development that came with the original Bride of Frankenstein. The iconic look of the Monster is also severely tampered with; instead of wearing his usual dark suit as in the previous Frankenstein films he dons a fur vest and tall black boots. What? A fur vest? Who the hell does he think he is? 
The movie is about Dr. Frankenstein'…

J'Accuse (1938) - Abel Gance

This version of J'Accuse is actually a remake of Abel Gance's own 1919 Silent version. This movie is incredibly interesting as it is enormous for it's time. This movie is less of a horror movie and more of a war film that has horror elements. Those elements are some of the best I have seen to date and that's why I need to present this movie to you.
Abel Gance gives us a very raw and unfiltered look at the actual horrors of war. Our main character is a scientist that has been in the shit and wants it to stop. He starts his research for a machine that would stop all war, for all time. However, when the government ignores the man's research and starts to get into the great war he decides to raise the dead and torment the aggressors.
The movie is long and has subtitles. If you arn't used to watching movies like this then I would suggest looking for something else. Either that or you can check out the amazing, zombie scene below. J'Accuse! clocks in at just ove…