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The Ghost Walks (1934) - Frank R. Strayer

Predictable and over the top. It's another old dark house movie that throws the crowd for a loop with... gasp! Twists! Actually a ton of twists with a lot of shill screaming! That doesn't necessarily equal a thrilling feature that can keep you on the edge of your seat.
The playwright Prescott Ames, his secretary, and Producer get into a car accident and need to find shelter for the night. They come upon Dr. Kent's house and he gladly takes them in. While at the house, Prescott Ames discovers his fiancee there already along with Terry Grey and his psychic sister Beatrice. The latter being treated by Doctor Kent for hysterics. However, something appears to be in the house with the group and it is killing people off left and right. Or is it all an elaborate hoax?  
This movie blends right in with all of the other horror movies released in the twenties and thirties. The old dark house storyline is tried and true. At least to this point in time. I have to hand it to Frank Stra…