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Army of Darkness (1992) - Sam Raimi

Army of Darkness is hard for me to review. I really love it, but I fail to see the horror in it at all. Bruce Campbell is amazing. That's a given. The comedy is great. It's quotable, ti's memorable, it's funny, it's the second sequel to the Evil Dead! The first in the franchise was such a heavyweight. It carried a different tone obviously. It was, and still is scary. The second played around in the comedy element, but I always took it as a product of madness. However, this third installment is completely in the comedy element. It has shades of horror and gore, but it's a comedy. That's not a knock on this film at all, again I love Army of Darkness. It's just not on the same terror level as the other two. 

Directly, or indirectly (depending on how you look at it), following the events of the second film, Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn. Ash has been sucked back in time, along with his car, chainsaw, and boom-stick. They land in medieval times. Obviously Ash bec…