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Ticks (1993) - Tony Randall

Ticks is a low-budget, sci-fi, monster movie that had buckets of guts and gore. It starred a really young Seth Green among some big names like Clint Howard and the one and only, Carlton himself Alfonso Ribeiro. It is really cheaply made, but holds up well as a Cult Classic. 
Seth Green and Carlton are members of an inner-city youth program with three other "teens". They are escorted on a camping trip to Big Bear where giant ticks, unintentionally mutated from marijuana growers, attack the group. These ticks are especially nasty. They can bite you, releasing venom making their hosts, trip balls. The ticks also infest their victims, filling their body cavity with other monster arachnids. It doesn't help that the kids are angsty and virtually out of control. It also doesn't help that the "adults" chaperoning, are dicks and have secret motives. Oh, and it also doesn't help that racist, redneck weirdos are running around terrorizing the kids.

I remember watchi…