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The Undertaker (1988) - Franco Steffanino

The Undertaker seemed to be filmed on VHS and low grade film. I expected to see a movie that might serve as the inspiration for the WWE character. It might have done so. The soundtrack has that eerie bell tolling in the intro. But that appeared to be the only connection. The character more closely resembled Gorilla Monsoon. The rest of this movie was garbage. The only vestige being Joe Spinell. 
Some maniac is running around New York City disemboweling women. It turns out that a deranged Undertaker is the one murdering people. Stalking the streets at night. Looking for victims to fill his seedy and lonely funeral home. 
Let's get the obvious stuff out of the way. The dialogue is atrocious. The plot is predictable. It is really clear that this is a poor movie. Do not be fooled. I am also watching an uncut VHS transfer so the quality is really poor. This recording has lost a lot of quality that I assume was never there in the first place. Even though this movie is from 1988 it appears…