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Lake Placid (1999) - Steve Minor

When I was growing up Lake Placid was an awesome movie. It was horror enough, that it had decapitations and mild mutilations. However, it had always felt like family friendly gore. It's the kind of movie that had all of that stuff but wasn't really scary at all. Those scenes just passed by like nothing usually. Sometimes they were funny. When the deputy's head is eaten, most people are laughing at the reactions. Yeah, the characters are scared but it's all in good fun. Right?
Lake Placid is about a thirty foot crocodile that wreaks havoc on a small town in Maine. It eats a few people, a moose, and even a bear. Oliver Platt, Bill Pullman, and Bridget Fonda are the main characters in a group that is trying to figure out how to capture the Croc. Bill Pullman wants to kill it, Oliver Platt wants to study it, and Bridget Fonda wants to protect it. Then we have Betty White that wants to love it. She lives on the lake and seems to be taking care of it. That's about it. T…