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Rosemary's Baby (1968) - Roman Polanski

Rosemary's Baby is a fantastic film from Roman Polanski that showcases Mia Farrow in a role that pits her against just about everyone in the movie. She does a fantastic job as Rosemary, a young woman that has moved into a strange apartment with her husband Guy. The tenants of the apartment building happen to be mostly senior citizens that love nothing more than to reminisce and talk with the young couple. When Rosemary becomes pregnant, under strange circumstances, the entire apartment building becomes obsessed with her well being and pregnancy. A little too involved. 
Everything in this movie is timed out perfectly. The pacing is fantastic and the imagery is terrifying. You can definitely identify with Rosemary and you become frustrated when you realize this conspiracy that is unveiling around her. She really looks troubled through the entire movie. The actors playing the tenants do a great job of becoming caricatures of the seniors at the time. Terrifying caricatures. I didn'…