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Maggie (2015) - Henry Hobson

First off, I am a huge fan of Arnold. My favorite being Total Recall. It's what drew me into this movie in the first place. Upon watching it I was pleasantly surprised that this was nothing like other Schwarzenegger movies. Explosions, catch phrases, and endless supplies of ammunition are sacrificed for fantastically dramatic acting and astute themes. In short. This movie isn't Total Recall. 
Maggie has been bitten by a zombie and infected with the virus. Her transformation is slow coming but undeniable. Her father, Wade, decides to keep an eye on her and vows to do what needs to be done. He takes her out into the country, back to their home. He and his wife try to enjoy what little time they have left with her. However, the time is ticking. Maggie tries to come to grips with the reality of her situation while we watch her literally deteriorate. 

This movie doesn't move as slowly as you would expect. In fact, it has a pretty steady tone and is so full of suspense that it doe…