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Silver Bullet (1985) - Daniel Attias

I hate werewolves. This movie is no exception. The special effects are basic and trite in this adaptation of Stephen King's short story. What's the best part of the movie? Gary Busey of course.

This movie is about Marty (Corey Haim), a young kid that loves fireworks, poker, wrestling, and hanging out with his uncle (Busey). Did I mention that Marty is in a gas powered wheelchair. Strange things have been happening in Marty's small town. People have been dying left and right. There are murmurs of a werewolf, but that is crazy right? Werewolves don't exist! That is until Marty comes in contact with the creature. Now he has to warn everyone before it is too late.

The special effects in the movie are not the best. The transformation scenes are ridiculous and the werewolf himself isn't the scariest looking thing. He is a huge, hairy, humanoid with a blood lust. The eyes are really cool and he is a huge bulking mass of terror. However, he just fails to really connect wit…