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Necropolis (1987) - Bruce Hickey

Necropolis is a cheap and forgetful movie from the era that spawned countless amounts of crap. The movie has no substance and is confusing at some points. The cuts are horrible. The movie jumps around too many times. It is hard to keep up with, but it doesn't really matter. The movie doesn't provide you with anything to keep your interest.
This supernatural thriller is about a killer witch that has the power of suggestion. She can literally make people do her bidding just by talking to them. Instead of having them do anything for her though, she just ends up killing them. She also has some powers over zombies? There is a scene with this witch wet-nursing a group of zombies with ectoplasm? Yeah... I don't know what for. Who cares. 
The eighties is littered, literally littered with crap like this. The writer/director Bruce Hickey, never wandered into the horror genre again. This was it. There aren't any scenes that I would recommend. The best I can say is to stay away f…