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George Melies - The Haunted Castle (1897)

So my second film, well its a short film (50 sec.) is one of the first Horror films ever made. I'm not sure what makes it horror, there is a skeleton, but it doesn't scream Horror at me. I enjoyed this short it made me chuckle. I admit to not watching the original, as the copy that i have seen has been color tinted, it was the closest it have been to it.
The film starts out with our hero coming into a room where he goes through a quick battle with a ever changing chair. Acting in this film is horrendous, but its what you expect for a film that is over 110 years old. For a hardcore fan or someone that is ready to get their horror on, this short wouldn't be for you. But it is just amazing to see something that has been on film for so long.
This is definitely worth watching for some turn of the century special effects. On a scale it is really hard to place this short, 50 seconds is hard to evaluate. For a horror movie i would have to rate this a 2 out of 5. Comedy i would h…