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Pontypool (2009) - Bruce McDonald

Awhile ago I wrote a review on the movie Dead Air with Bill Mosley. That movie was really forgettable and got away from itself really quickly. It had to do with a radio DJ and his wacky morning crew that just happened to come to work when a zombie outbreak started. The movie plays up the terrorist angle a bit too much and shows what scares Americans (namely Corbin Bernsen). I thought I would never see another movie like this one... that is until I discovered Pontypool from the same year. This movie is far better than Dead Air.

Pontypool is a movie that is shrouded in mystery from the beginning to the end. The film stars Steven McHattie as shock jock Grant Mazzy who takes the mic during an outbreak of some sort that is centered in their little town of Pontypool. Somewhere in Canada. Little is revealed about the actual incident. We are just aware that emotion and the English language play a part in this. The fact that you don't know what is going on propels this movie forward much …