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Horror Island (1941) - George Waggner

I chose this movie at random and was surprised that it was a Universal feature. This movie has really weird vibes around it. Upon first impression, it's a really good quality and well made picture. However, it starts to take weird and bizarre turns. It's a sea faring horror flick with pirate overtones that's produced by Universal Pictures. What could go wrong?
A broke sailor, Bill Martin, is convinced at trying his luck at obtaining a couple of million dollars in buried treasure. A strange sailor, Leo Carrillo,  has a piece of a map that leads to that treasure and it just happens to be located on an island that the sailor's family owns. The sailor gathers a small group and they all travel to the island to stay the night at an old dark castle, with the intention of searching for the treasure. Only, they won't be searching for it. They will try to survive as a strange cloaked Phantom seeks to get them to leave one by one. 
The music in the film is phenomenal and really…