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Growth (2010) - Gabriel Cowan

Growth is an un-watchable and overly CGI'ed snooze-fest that doesn't make sense and does a bad job of telling a story. The film's quality equals that of a SyFy original. The film unoriginal and uninspired. I am pretty sure they had reused models from the film Dreamcatcher. At least they were heavily influenced by the aliens in that film. This movie is worth skipping. It's not an amazing feat and is just another nu-horror feature that will get lost in network programming. 

The film is about an island that houses a strange type of genetically modified worm-things? They had an outbreak in the past and thought they had the worms under control. But they didn't. Some random's arrive to the island and it is unclear who the main character is. They spend a good amount of time building relationships with characters that end up being irrelevant. They find out that these strange worm things inhabit peoples bodies and gives them enhanced senses, invulnerability, super streng…

Chamber of Horrors (1940) - Norman Lee

Otherwise known as The Door with Seven Locks, this low budget but mildly entertaining feature is a surprising treat for those that can stay interested. It stars Edgar Wallace, Leslie Banks, and the lovely Lili Palmer. The film takes queues from other horror movies of it's time but adds intrigue and mystery. 

The film is about a rich loony that dies and is buried with his riches in an elaborate tomb. The only way to enter the tomb is with seven keys that had been deposited all over the place. Various members of the family try to gain access to the tomb, but they are unsuccessful. That is until Judy Lansdowne from Canada shows up and starts sticking her nose in the case.
The horror element is very mild. It does however feature a few really creepy scenes, The fright tends to just come from the unknown in this piece. It has a lot of flaws. The film crawls and the acting is piercing. Edgar Wallace and Lili Palmer turn in the best performances. 
I recommend this movie to hardcore classic h…