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Friday, July 29, 2016

Blood Surf (2000) - James D.R. Hickox

From the beginning, you will note that Blood Surf is not the classic that the box makes it out to be. The opening font and stock footage opening credits can't hide the meager budget. This movie was straight to video during the twilight of videocassette. It was the last of the dying breed and it followed the stereotypes at every corner. 

A group of stupid adrenaline junkies go on a surfing trip to some shark infested island. Of course things go horribly wrong when the surfers get frazzled by the meat-eating sharks that are literally nipping at them as they surf. The group soon learns that it's not the sharks that they have to worry about. It's something much worse.

This is a horrible movie. A bad story with a stupid screenplay. At least we get Matthew Borlenghi. That''s a plus. The surfing is also cool. But everything else is just dumb. The effects were laughable. CGI used in the worst way. The movie could be fun to watch with friends. It would even be passable to have playing in the background at a party. It would be more entertaining to make fun of this rather than be scared by it. It's almost Sharknado worthy. 

Check out Blood Surf if you really want too. But it's just safer to stay away from these straight-to-video releases from this time. They rarely had any hidden gems and were mostly garbage. Throw away pictures that were used to turn a quick buck for someone. 

Director: James D.R. Hickox
Writers: Sam Bernard and Robert L. Levy
Starring: Dax Miller, Kate Fischer, Duncan Regehr and Matthew Borlenghi
Studio: Tapestry Pictures and Trimark Pictures
Release: December 4, 2000
Country: USA
Did ya know: During the surfing scenes the boat is absolutely still, as is the water when the guys jump in. Yet suddenly they are up and surfing....on what?