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Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Spit On Your Grave (1978) - Meir Zarchi

Revenge horror is sometimes the most satisfying of the horror genre. The movies get you going and rooting for the protagonist. This movie doesn't do that. It just leaves you with your mouth hanging open. This grind-house picture, that reminds me of Hostel for some reason, that pushes all sorts of boundaries. The best way to describe this genre would be Exploitation Horror.

I Spit On Your Grave is a revenge horror movie about Jennifer Hills. A young girl that is gang raped by a group of locals while she is on vacation. She then goes on to hunt down each person that wronged her in this town and systematically takes each one of them out. With extreme prejudice. This movie goes everywhere that you would want it to go, and many places that you don't. It actually makes you feel uncomfortable.

This isn't a movie to rent and watch with your girlfriend. This isn't for getting all cozy and sipping hot coco with your schnookums. If your watching this movie than you don't have a fucking schnookums. Those kinds of people go their entire lives without watching garbage like this. Probably with good reason. These movies are made for the meat and potatoes people. People like me, who would go to a seedy part of town and pay two dollars to sit in a humid theater surrounded by scoundrels and horny assholes, scamming and making time. These movies aren't made for Blu-Ray.

If you are a hardcore fan of horror please do yourself a favor and watch this.


  • Branded a Video Nasty
  • Also known as Day of the Woman
  • Carmilla Keaton (Jennifer Hills) is film legend Buster Keaton's relative. 
  • The movie was remade in 2010
  • There is speculation that the woman on the poster (seen above) is Demi Moore.