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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Breed (2006) - Nick Mastandrea

Horror is crap, well most of it. Films like Darkness Falls and Dark Water. Its all a weird kind of family friendly horror. Then the Breed strolled onto my computer screen. This is a horrible concept, 20 somethings come to an abandoned island for a weekend of partying. Only to find that the entire island is overrun by mean dogs. Not Zombie dogs, not Werewolves, just dogs. The film has Michelle Rodriguez post her DUI problems. All in all Wes Craven is getting old and dropping the ball on most everything he touches. The antagonist in this movie really isn't very scary. Nothing that a baseball bat cant take care of, yet the actors really try to sell the fact that these K9's are terrifying. The Breed is a terrible movie that will make you run off with your tail between your legs.