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Monday, July 19, 2010

Spider Baby (or The Maddest Story Ever Told) (1968) - Jack Hill

Parody comedy is really something that is hard to pull off, I am really critical of it and I actually hate it more than any other comedy. Directors like Rob Zombie makes a lot of these parody horror movies, that have a real certain flair to them. His movies are more of an homage, yet they have this certain dark comedy to them. This movie is just like any Rob Zombie horror movie. I can see everything in this movie that he uses in most of his movies. Or maybe its just the fact that Sid Haig is in the movie, that could be it.

To touch on what I said above, this movie really feels like a really watered down version of either House of 1000 corpses or The Devil's Rejects. The movie has to do with a crazy family, including Lon Chaney Jr. The family has some disease that is named after them, the disease makes you turn into some sort of crazy beast in a devolution style thingie. The disease makes them kill and mame people, it makes the eldest girl hate everything and the middle child kill everyone. Was that convoluted enough for you?

The movie has a really amazing cast, it stars Lon Chaney Jr. and Sid Haig. They have some of the best roles. Sid Haig plays a "big kid" who is extremely creepy and scary. Lon Chaney Jr. plays the caretaker to the children with this disease. He plays the scariest character, just because he knows what the children do, but he does nothing. Yet when you see him in the movie you feel safer, I don't know exactly how he does this or how he pulls it off. The movie also was made in the 60's at a time when movies like this had to be very buttoned down. The film dealt with murders and even incest, but it does it with a Bewitched sitcom type comedy to it. The music is very apparent in that, you notice it when the movie begins.

All of the murders and gore are left off camera, and you see nothing that would make any censor blush. That I believe makes the movie that much creepier. All of the killings are done from a really weird victim-type perspective. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone that is a fan of Eli Roth, Rob Zombie, or even Toby Hooper. I throughly enjoyed watching the movie and couldn't of been more happy, this movie would prosper from a reboot. I am going to give this movie a 7 of 10. You will really enjoy this, if you haven't seen it before.

For the record I hate Spiders


  • Filmed in Chatsworth, CA (My Home)
  • The movie had a working title of Cannibal Orgy
  • Shot in 7 days

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Evil Dead (1981) - Sam Raimi

The Evil Dead is one of the most creative and fun horror movies, of all time. This is the movie that kicked off Sam Raimi's career and boosted the chin of Bruce Campbell. The movie was made with such passion, that you can really see it shine though. You can tell the actors and everyone else was having such a great time making it. Its the kind of expression and fun that is left out of sequels and other movies that are made down the line. 

Horror icons like Steven King and Wes Craven are huge fans of the movie. Steven King called this movie "...the most ferociously original horror film...." I think that he was really onto something here. The movie pays tribute to Wes Craven with a poster for The Hills Have Eyes. Equally Wes Craven payed homage to The Evil Dead by playing the movie on televisions in Nightmare on Elm Street. 

If you haven't seen this movie then I don't know why you are even reading my articles. Go do what you can to find this movie. Find it however you can, DVD, Netflix, whatever, you need to watch this movie. The movie is about a group of young adults that go out to a cabin in the woods and are terrorized by demons. The movie is pretty creative with its scares, featuring terrible makeup with tons of prop arms and legs. There is blood and guts galore, no shortage here. If you are into gore films this movie is for you, it was banned in many countries. It even fought off an NC-17 rating in 1984.

Now this movie was my 100th movie review. I am well on my way to watching every horror movie ever made, its going to be a tough ride but I will make it some day. I chose this movie after I had a lot of requests and friends coming over for a celebration.

Evil Dead is one of the greatest horror movies of all time, I couldn't help but love everything about this movie aside from the continuity. I am a stickler for that kind of thing though and this movie has almost no continuity. People who are dead are in different places, rooms are conjoining or don't exist, it is really strange. The movie is a solid 9 in my book, you couldn't find a better 100th movie. 

Director: Sam Raimi
Country: USA

Did ya know...

The recap of The Evil Dead includes a shot where the "evil force" runs through the cabin and rams into Ash. When this shot was filmed, Bruce Campbell suffered a broken jaw when Sam Raimi (who was operating the camera) crashed into him with a bicycle. Or so people were led to believe. This was a story concocted by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell as a gag to see how many people would believe it actually happened. Freddy's glove makes an appearance. Stephen King helped fund this movie. 

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Terror Firmer (1999) - Lloyd Kaufman

So Lloyd Kaufman makes some of the trashiest movies, and he has been doing so for 30 plus years. From Toxic Avenger to this movie Terror Firmer, Lloyd has never altered his approach to making films. He even has a book All I Need To Know about Filmmaking I Learned from the Toxic Avenger. So what is so special about this movie? This movie seems to be the culmination of his life's work.

The movie is loosely based on the before mentioned book. The movie is about a gender confused killer that is wreaking havoc on a movie that is in production by a blind director, played by Lloyd Kaufman himself. I believe that the movie pays homage to many films that Kaufman and Troma put out to this point. The movie is a Trash film, a Z-Movie if you will. It looks like the budget was no more than 5 bucks. That is the beauty of the movie, that is what makes this movie what it is.

This movie is low budget, and by low budget I mean $500,000. That is low, really low. The movie is gory & disgusting. There are multiple killings in the movie that are really pretty awesome, and creative. One that comes to mind has to do with an escalator. The movie is also just filled with sex. This movie is one penis away from just being a gory horror porn.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who just smoked a fat one and wanted to chill out with some friends and laugh. I am going to give this movie a 2 of 10, it made me laugh and it was really pretty creative, but the movie is too low budget. The movie loses itself a lot, and you forget where your going. This is not the best Troma movie. This is no Toxic Avenger, or Sgt. Kabuki Man N.Y.P.D. this movie really stands on its own.



  • A Tribute to all Troma Films
  • Features the Toxic Avenger

Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Hunger (1983) - Tony Scott

Ok, so I just watched the Hunger from 1983. This was Tony Scott's first feature film, which you see with a multitude of jump shots and crazy angles. The movie stars Susan Sarandon, David Bowie, and actually Willem Dafoe in a really small part. The movie is more of an erotic thriller than a horror movie, I didn't really see the scary parts. 

The movie is about Vampires, well two Vampires in fact, who live this ritzy lifestyle in New York. For some reason that is not explained to the audience the female Vampire out lives her "mates" who die at a very quick rate. The film also focuses on a young doctor, played by Susan Sarandon. She quickly gets mixed up in a sort of lesbian love thing with the female vampire, see the movie to find out more. 

The soundtrack to the movie is amazing, I really thought the music was key. The film was almost entirely in this sort of soft lighting that made me feel like I was in a David Bowie music video more than a film. I actually believe that the soft lighting made the movie look incredibly cheap. The soundtrack though is quite amazing, though it doesn't have any David Bowie songs, in the movie itself. There is Bela Lugosi's Dead by Bauhaus in a kind of music video in the beginning of the movie. Very 80's.

So we have killings that are all the same, with a tiny knife. We have Susan Sarandon in a lesbian sex scene, nude. Oh and we have awesome music. The movie could of been a lot better, especially David Bowie's acting. If they didn't have soft lighting, and if they explained more of the movie. 

I came to suck... your blood!
  • There was a short lived TV series after this movie.
  • Filmed in London
  • They are planning a remake!