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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Crazies (1973) - George Romero

George Romero is mostly known for his Zombie films. In Night of the Living Dead he gives us a good look at how something like the dead rising from their graves, impacts a really small group of people. The benefit here is that you are given a good dose of character development. He doesn't sway on the formula for this movie either. Zombies and all.

The Crazies is about a small town in Pennsylvania that has been accidentally exposed to a biological weapon. People start acting like zombies and milling about killing one and other. That is when the government comes in to clean house. Now nobody is safe. Obviously made to work on the "Evil Government" deal, the movie succeeds in some places and drags on in others. It is a true so-so picture.

George Romero really pushes this vision of a barbaric and totally destructive militaristic government. He portrays the military as mindless, ravaging, brutes with no regard for life. However, they are pretty scary. Just look at those crappy suits.

Dont drink the water

  • Some people say that George Lucas, who is a fan of the film. Used the detox suit troopers from this movie as an inspiration for Storm Troopers. 
  • Originally titled The Mad People
  • This is a Romero picture so it is most definitely shot on location in Pennsylvania.